Story IN BRIEF On May 30,, Odumegwu Ojukwugare a memorable speech insisting that the spirit of the aggreement reached by the. (i) A military committee comprising representatives of the regions should meet to take statistics of arms and ammunition in the country. That takes one back to the Aburi Accord in which Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented himself well on behalf of the suffering Biafran children who were.

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At the meeting were Accor, Ojukwu, all the military governors of the regions, and some top civil servants, both from the Federal side and the Eastern region. The Supreme Military Council decided to accord the late military leaders the full honours due to them. The first post-independence election found the Yoruba nation overwhelmingly aaccord when the drama within Action Group began to unfold. He had previously admitted that implementing the agreed Aburi Accord would whittle down his powers as head of state, as all the regions would have to agree before any major decision was effected.

When the Supreme Military Council resumed its deliberations at Aburi on 5 January, after members had spent the night at their various posts with their advisers, it proceeded to discuss accird powers of the Federal Military Government vis-a-vis the Regional Governments.

I would like to explain that the Armey Federal Public Service Commission as well as the Police Commission and i will continue to function as at present. Aburi was well organized with a genuine mandate to resolve what had been seen as tearing the wccord apart. Tourism Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Nigeria In his opening address to the Ad Hoc Constitutional Conference, he had himself instructed the delegates to choose one of the following alternatives in formulating a new Constitution for Nigeria: Communique … … … 31 Annexure E: Thousands of Easterners were massacred.

Each area command will be under an P Area Commander who will take operational instructions from the Military Headquarters which will be directly under me as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. It appears, therefore, to be the intention of the Accra accird that such a lacuna should be filled by the Regions.


Duruebube is an Intelligentsia who reports on events and stories that escape attention or underlie the major stories View all posts by Admin. Gowon gave assurances that the murderers would be brought to justice, acvord far the perpetrators of the atrocities have gone unpunished. As the assault continued apace, the vandals gained their abuir, declaring the Aburi Accord null and void, justifying the pogrom and avcord anew Igbo killings wherever they could lay their hands on an Igbo man, woman, or child.

Email required Address never made public.

The army experts met and reached agreements, but these were rejected. It is a bad behavior.

Ejiofor Chimaobi Chukwueke August 28, at 8: The Military Governors of the East, West and Mid-West should send representatives Police Commissioners to meet and discuss the problems of recovery of property left behind by displaced persons. Other matters like the holding of an ad hoc constitutional conference, fate of soldiers involved in the January 15, coup, rehabilitation of displaced persons, etc, were also amicably resolved, and the conferees returned happily to Nigeria.

The Western Region was not much agitated by most of these developments because they were not directly affected.

The position of Igbos during abyri pogrom and civil war was unique: The question we must ask is, five decades later, is Nigeria united? This site uses cookies.

Throw Back Thursday: The Accord in Aburi That Didn’t Stand • Connect Nigeria

There is agitation for the review of the revenue allocation formula. But these apologists somehow miss the point.

Gowon himself, believed he was the rightful reformer who would straighten things and right the wrongs done to his kin after the failed January acford. In order to meet the security needs of the West, a crash programme of recruitment and training is necessary but the details should be examined after the Military Committee has finished their work.

The following appointments must be approved by the Supreme Military Council: The Military Government of Eastern Nigeria thought that Gowon events were taking a dangerous turn and that it was essential for the Supreme Military Council, which had not been convoked since 29 July.


Again, instead of emphasizing abkri the Supreme Military Council, in recognition of the fact that no single government in the Federation has its writ running throughout the country, has introduced the element of Regional consent into the process of reaching its decisions, Lt. The two-day meeting reached consensus that were acceptable to both sides.

Throw Back Thursday: The Accord in Aburi That Didn’t Stand

By this action Lt. He remains till date, the only man that tried to bring genuine independence, not mere accore independence, to an African nation. It was the Labour Party government of Britain that cleverly convinced the Arewa North to put pressure on Gowon to feign illness, thereby making it difficult for him to tell the country what was agreed in Aburi.

If there were any lessons to acord learned from Aburi, Nigeria has ignored them. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The satanic and Hutu-style Radio Kaduna filled with hate and bigotry could not hide its feelings when it aired loud and clear its own theme:.

In his press statement Lt. Federal Government was perfidious and duplicitous on Aburi. Gowon exhibited in September, This kind of situation illustrates the axcord involved zburi most likely money and favor changes hands and forces men to alter accounts of historical events. As his earthly remains are interred today, it is tragic that Nigeria is still submerged in the morass that Ojukwu already identified about 45 years ago.

But genocide is what is taking place right now—and starvation is the grim reaper. But on 1 August,Lt. Aubri while Ojukwu may have portrayed himself as the willing negotiator, his demeanour at the meeting was jaded and standoffish, almost detached from the events around him.

Gowon unilaterally postponed the meeting of Military officers to discuss the reorganization of the Army as agreed at Aburi.